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As a child, when sleep hid from my bed, Papa would whisper tales of Kyoto's cobblestone streets while he tucked the day beneath my pillow and sent me off to sleep. In the years since I continued to listen, learn, and experience Japan any way that I could - often while Papa taught.

Papa passed in 1991 taking his stories about life in the archipelago with him. Missing the sights, sounds, and tastes of Japan I began delving deeper into its culture, history, society, and food. What began as an attempt to reconnect with a warm, familiar embrace grew into an authentic, independent passion.

So, as Papa did for me, let me share with you tales of an alluring, enigmatic, diverse land and culture, where leading thought and technology focus on an uncharted future, and where tradition - venerated and enduring - still prospers. And some really cool stuff, too.

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Fiction + Plays from Japan, Southern California, and Around The World

Gritty thrillers. Taught psychological dramas. Gothic horror. No matter which you choose, I'll keep you up at night and on the edge of your seat with gripping tales of monsters, both real and imagined.

As an award-winning playwright, novelist, and short story author I put the same commitment and professionalism that enables me to work with some of the largest corporations and publications in the world today, into each story I tell.

Let me entertain you.

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Freedom Ahn grew up in the entertainment business as a stage actress & singer (with more than 200 musicals under her belt) and later as a pop/ country singer until the early 1990s - and those entertainment roots can be enjoyed in pieces such as Pundit and Low Tide.

She is also the founder of WriteAhn - a Fintech B2B and B2C digital marketing agency whose specialities include payments, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, & Asia Pacific.

Freedom has been all over the world in publications including The Independent, Huffington Post, The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Jerusalem Post to name just a few.

Raised in a Japanese household, the daughter of a French chef, Freedom has a keen interest in food, with several of her original recipes winning national and international awards.

She resides a few minutes south of Detroit, Michigan with her husband, their three Japanese dogs, and four French cats.