My name's Freedom Ahn. And I am a writer. I can't help myself. I love language; the elegance and edge of a well-constructed turn of phrase can take my breath away. 

As soon as I graduated with honours in journalism, I put my newly honed skills to use as a reporter for a (very) small-town press and I haven't stopped since. I've written everything from news briefs to blog posts to books and guides. I even ran the overseas news desk for an international new-media platform for a while. (Okay, it was pretty short-lived, but hey, that's the world of start-ups!)

Growing up in an Irish-Japanese household, the daughter of a French chef, I'm just slightly obsessed with great food. The result is a blog bursting with engaging, informative posts about Japanese culture & society including innovation & technology; travel & leisure; and of course, great food.

Oh, and sumo. I love sumo. 

Interested in hiring me to write for your publication? Great! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Basic & advanced reporting;
  • Strong storytelling & story structure;
  • Proofreading and copy editing: AP style;
  • Ghost or by-line.

Meet the Team

Freedom and girls

Freedom Ahn

I'm a journalist and author specializing in innovation, technology, and traditional & contemporary Japanese culture & society.


Kono Koa


Sushi enthusiast.
 Banned for life from the Tsukiji fish market [Tokyo, Japan]

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