My name's Freedom Ahn and I help travel agencies, tour companies, and other businesses who do work in Japan (or would like to) build better businesses by creating compelling content that helps attract prospects, capture leads, and convert clients.

I'm passionate about using my award-winning skills and abilities to help others achieve their goals. And I know what it takes! I built my website from a hobby blog into one of the preeminent authority sites on Japan business, culture, and travel.

On the heels of my blogging success, I created a specialized career in Japan-centric businesses and inbound marketing. I realized there were few reliable resources or support systems for English-speaking businesses who were either doing current business in Japan or had dreams of doing so, of for Japanese businesses who were trying to attract a stronger English-speaking audience. I knew I could change that.

I started my business to make international business feel more human, especially in the travel industry where too often it's viewed as lacking in trust between the professionals and the consumers. I love helping travel and tour agencies find authentic ways to attract new prospects to their businesses (instead of chasing potential customers around or hounding current clients for referrals).

I believe inbound marketing (specifically content marketing) can change the way we do business - for the better.

Travel and tourism agencies marketing their tours and destinations with strong, relatable content can better establish connections, build relationships, and above all, earn trust with their ideal prospective clients.

As a certified digital marketer, I know the power of great content marketing. And its ability to help businesses like yours grow and succeed. I can show you how using creatively written, well-crafted content can attract the exact people you want to work with.


If you'd like to learn more about what makes digital marketing such an effective tool for business owners like you, who want to develop relationships built on trust, let's chat.

Meet the Team

Freedom Ahn

I'm a journalist, writer, and digital content marketer. I'm also a cultural anthropologist specializing in traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and society.

Kono Koa

Vice President of Purrs

Sushi expert

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