No Sales? No Problem! How To Earn Customer Trust When You’re Just Starting Out

How can you get customers to trust you when you are a complete newbie? After all, sales are the whole reason you got into this. But, you don’t have any yet.

  • No track record
  • Zero sales
  • Your reviews number less than one
  • And the total number of referrals you have is precisely nothing

How do you build a reputation that doesn’t even exist yet?

It’s easy, start by…

Telling us your story

Putting a human face on your business shows a potential customer a lot about who they’ll be dealing with. Help them get to know you. Tell them about your passions, why you started this company, and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Websites can be cold, static places unless you give people the warmth of a personal human connection behind your page.

Detailed product information

The more customers know about your product, the more likely they will be to buy it. How much does it weigh and what are its exact dimensions? What ingredients do you use and how do you source them? Don’t forget to mention any special features (e.g. “adjustable frame”)?

Content blogging

Blogs are an ideal way to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about; that you are an expert at what you’re selling. A compelling blog is also a great way to get feedback and conversations as visitors navigate your site. However, one of the best things about blogs is their ability to attract search engines, directing visitors to your site.

Promote an easy return policy

Nothing quiets the fears of a new buyer relationship more than an easy return policy. It’s a sign that you stand by your quality and have confidence in your business. Lowering potential risk with a simple, 30-day, or even-if-I-just-don’t-like-it-I-can-return-it offer will increase a prospective customer’s willingness to take a chance with you.

FAQ page

An FAQ page is a quick and easy way to include essential information while addressing common concerns about your product and the overall buying journey. You can cover a myriad of pain-points such as security issues, return policy, and product-specific details, and more.

Samples or giveaways

Consider offering free samples of your product or service. Doing so can generate online buzz with site visitors and has the potential to attract more traffic to your site. Here’s an extra tip: Offer a chance to win free items by signing up for your email list.

About the author:

Freedom Ahn is an expert business writer & former journalist providing blogging, ghostwriting, and content marketing services. She specializes in finance, technology, marketing, and their intersection (FinTec, MarTech).