5 Marketing Podcasts To Make Commuting More Fun

Constant growth requires constant learning. Thankfully, that learning can be fun when it comes in the form of one of the following marketing podcasts. Whether you listen while commuting to the office or working out after a day of building your business, each of the five podcasts below offers excellent business and marketing information.

1. Startups for the Rest of Us

If your business is a startup, you’ll want to check out Rob Walling and Mike Taber’s Startups for the Rest of Us. With more than 20 years combined software entrepreneur experience, the pair offers up strategies for developing businesses. They cover everything from how to get the most out of a virtual assistant to ways to test your product’s potential success. Their weekly podcast is available on iTunes.

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Every Friday, Michael Stelzner and other members of the Social Media Examiner team bring you the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Each podcast is focused on specific social media strategies and features. But the best thing about this podcast is the list of actionable tips and suggestions you can implement immediately to improve your social media standing. Listen from the Social Media Marketing website.

3. Hack the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are unique creatures. And Jon Nastor delves deep into the fears, habits, and struggles unique to the world of entrepreneurialism as he looks for patterns of behavior that can help you reach your goals. With a straight-to-the-point style, Hack the Entrepreneur is worth every minute of its three weekly episodes. Find it on iTunes.

4. Copyblogger FM

Hoping to improve your content marketing? Copyblogger FM’s host Sonia Simone gets to the heart of what’s important. From email marketing to copywriting, conversion optimization and more, with weekly experts and an easily digestible 15-30 minute episodes, Copyblogger FM might be one of the best things you can do for your writing. Look for it on iTunes.

5. Seeking Wisdom

Dave Gerhardt and David Cancel host Drift’s Seeking Wisdom podcast. Primarily focusing on management and marketing, the podcast is a must-listen for business owners of all sizes. Seeking Wisdom will help you understand how to improve your site rank for search engines, execute the newest growth hacking strategies, and scale your business. It is available on iTunes.

Entertaining, engaging, and packed full of real-world knowledge, these podcasts offer something for those of us who hope to be a little wiser at the end of each day.

About the author:

Freedom Ahn is an expert business writer & former journalist providing blogging, ghostwriting, and content marketing services. She specializes in finance, technology, marketing, and their intersection (FinTec, MarTech).