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As a full-time professional business + finance writer, I help local & international businesses & individuals across industries develop compelling blog content, original articles, reports, whitepapers, and other documents that establish authority and build brands.

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As an accomplished, industry-respected ghostwriter, I help businesses share their story with their ideal audience, in a way that resonates. Whether you need executive or annual reports, professional articles sculpted from handwritten notes, or custom content for your company blog, I can help.

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As a certified inbound marketer, and former Director of Marketing, I help businesses across industries create dynamic messaging, including compelling web content, newsletters, email campaigns, and other marketing collateral. I also help clients of all sizes expand their social media presence & engage their tribe.

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As an experienced, skilled editor I provide expert editing services to businesses and individuals. Whether you’re looking for someone to add a splash of creativity to existing documents or website content, polish copy, or carefully proofread articles & reports I’ll help you convey your message to your ideal audience.

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We're only human. We long for the kind of connections that come from sharing our stories. And in competitive industries such as Aerospace, Technology, Defense, Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Fintech storytelling gives your business an edge over other companies that settle for 'just selling'.

Content provides the best type of marketing for these industries because the right content can expand your reach, establish your authority, increase your influence, attract prospects and leads, and most importantly - it can build an audience for you and your business.

I tell your story in a way that resonates with your ideal audience, drives traffic to your website, converts visitors into leads in your prospect pipeline, and engages client retention.

  • C-Suite, Data Analytics, Financial Economics, Risk Management, Development, Workforce Management, Productivity

  • Institutional Finance, Banking, Credit Unions, Stocks, Investments, Brokers, Wealth Management, Accountancy, Personal Finance, Credit Cards

  • Fintech, Wallets, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Disruption, Robo Advisors, RegTech, Drones, Cybersecurity, SaaS, IoT

  • Forex, NIKKEI, Hang Seng, Asian Markets, Tech in Asia, StartUps, AI, Robotics

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