S.T.E.M. Marketing & Content

Writer & Strategist

Freedom Ahn, MBA, is a senior level marketing strategist and writer specializing in S.T.E.M. including AI, blockchain, mechanical engineering, physics (incl. engineering physics), maritime, shipping, freight, logistics, with a special interest in clean rooms & IAQ. She is a self-professed supply-chain geek. Freedom is also an award-winning short-fiction author & playwright, as well as a polyglot-in-progress and a freelance American-Japanese translation/transcreation consultant.

Founder and CEO | Tigre Inc.

Freedom comes as close to being the perfect writer as any I’ve worked with in my career. her reporting is solid, trustworthy, and fact-checked. Her writing is clean, fluid, and interesting to the ideal audience. I wholeheartedly recommend Freedom for your next project – especially if you like making your job easier. Freedom Ahn is a true professional.

Hernando Velazquez

United States Senator for Arizona (1936-2018)

Freedom is diligent, unflappable, and reliable; a powerful communicator.

John McCain