Freedom Ahn, MBA, is an expert business & technology writer providing blogging, ghostwriting, and content marketing services. She specializes in AI, robotics, VR, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, big data, IoT, security, and is a self-professed supply-chain geek.

Personal Finance App Developer

Freedom Ahn is an incredibly talented writer & marketer. Whether you’re trying to bring your brand to market for the first time or whether you need someone to lead your entire marketing team, you can count on Freedom to get the job done, and done right.  She’s smart. She’s direct. She’s meticulous. She’s funny. Freedom makes it happen.

Sophia Boileau

Six-Figure Wealth

Freedom did a phenomenal job of piloting Six-Figure Wealth, whether that involved implementing A/B testing to increase retention of our bi-weekly newsletter or polishing a profile article. This versatility, talent, and openness to improvement typify Freedom’s work. She has big ideas, but perhaps more importantly, has the ability and expertise necessary to put them into action.

Bali Bucknoor Founder